Taeyeon Instagram Selca 2013.04.01

Instagram updates on April 1 – a photo with “Kyu~oppa” and a farewell selca before leaving Thailand.

Taeyeon Kyuhyun Instagram selca
Kyu bro 😉

Taeyeon Thailand Instagram selca
Bye Thailand ♡

Source: Taeyeon_ss


Taeyeon – Beauty & The Nerd (3 pics)

Instagram updates on March 29 – a nerdy mimic of Edna (from The Incredibles movie); a beautiful morning selca; plus a late gudnight selca from Thailand.

Taeyeon nerdy Edna selca
Nerrrdddd want to be like Ednaaaa~~ nerddddd

Taeyeon beautiful morning bed selca

Taeyeon Thailand goodnight selca
Grrr~ taengudnight Thailand♥

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[Picture] 130320 Taeyeon Instagram Update

130320 Taeyeon Instagram Update

今日、Girls’ Generation best selection non stop mix をリリースしました! Mixed by Taku Takahashi. from m-flo! たくさん- どもありがとぅございます 🙂

Today, Girls’ Generation Best Selection Non-stop Mix is released! Mixed by Taku Takahashi, from m-flo! Taku-san, Thank you very much 🙂