G-Dragon & Jessica crowned King and Queen of fashion by stylists


G-Dragon & Jessica crowned King and Queen of fashion by stylists
Which idols did stylists pick as the best fashionistas?
The February 28th episode of Y-Star‘s ‘GoongGeumTa‘ tackled this very topic as the show finally moved past looking at the fortunes of various celebrities, shifting their focus to fashion rankings.
Stylists were called onto the show to rank various idols on their everyday fashion sense. For the males, various members from eight boy bands including Super Junior, B2ST, MBLAQ, Big Bang, and SHINee were ranked. Out of the male idols, G-Dragon was ultimately chosen as the King of fashion. The stylists complimented on his own unique style and while some of his clothing may look bizarre to the masses, he still exudes confidence no matter what he wears.
For the females, various members from eight girl groups were judged including 2NE1, f(x), SISTAR,miss A, 4minute, and Girls’ Generation. In the end, Jessica was crowned the Queen of idol fashion with the stylists reasoning that she has her own charming fashion style and can look good in almost anything.


Source: allkpop 


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